Clean Plasma

Advanced surface treatment
with Clean Plasma

Surface activation via plasma is really effective where materials,
especially synthetic substances and synthetic surfaces, which structure
is often nonpolar have to be pretreated. The atmospheric Clean Plasma Technology enables the cleaning, the activation and the coating of
surfaces with plasma at nearly all possible materials – from plastics,
over metals, glass, even carton, textiles and composite materials.
With the Clean Plasma-Technology the plasma surface treatment can be
implemented inline. This enables the use of economical source materials,
the combination of materials which where incompatible so far and
high efficient, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.
On the basis of our years of research and experience in this
area we can get the optimum out for every customer.


Particle free plasma beam by our RF Plasma for electronics and optics manufacturing where any metal particle will be critical for the application. No sputtering of electrode material on your substrat.


By the microwave plasma, no voltage is transmitted to the treated component. Even the most sensitive electronic components can be cleaned and activated with our plasma.


This has long been known with the laser, now it is also applied to plasma. The technical basis is the so-called microwave plasma. The term plasma is used in physics to refer to a gas that consists partly or completely of free charge carriers, ie ions or electrons. The plasma temperature can be adjusted to the application.