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Electronics Manufacturing

Aluminum-Copper Hybrid FPC 
Paper FPC

Additive Manufacturing

Ultra Fine Metal Powders (d50=10µm) 
Optimized IR Absorption
Active Oxide Reduction


Surface Manufacturing

Clean Atmospheric Plasma Systems
No Kathode Sputtering
For all electronic applications
RF Plasma to reduce voltage load to electronic devices

Electronics Manufacturing

With our product range for Electronics Manufacturing, we are one of the leading suppliers in Europe. Our products can be found in almost every Electronics production, because we offer everything from electrical conductive adhesive to Flexible Battery cell connector for performance monitoring, LED Chips, Flexible LED modules, FPC Production Lines. Our B2B customers and partners include the best-known brands in Europe. We supply LED Lighting, Automotive, Consumer Electronics and Mobile Companies.

Al-Cu Hybrid FPC

For best Lithium-Ion Battery Interconnections

AM Powders

Copper OSP Powder with high IR-Laser absorption

IR/LED Wallpapers

Paper based IR & LED wallpapers

Clean Plasma

Clean Plasma for sensitive electronics and optics

Materials for LED Manufacturing

Applications in LED Lighting

LED Longboards with Al-FPC Base material –
Integration of electronic components for monitoring and protection. Integrated electrical fuses protect against short circuits of the system. Also, integrated sensors allow accurate temperature monitoring. Critical parts can be encapsulated to protect them against moisture and mechanical stress. In addition to these component parts of the management electronics can be transferred to our module.

Our unique Hybrid FPC

Aluminum-Copper Hybrid FPC

Flexible printed circuits (FPC) have proven to be capable of implementing a high number of signal connections in a small area. Infinite Flex has developed this technology for the interconnection of individual battery cells in electric and hybrid vehicles.
With our FPC cell connectors and contacts for battery modules, complex cell connection systems can be implemented quickly and very economically. The patented aluminum-copper hybrid technology enables easy integration of temperature sensors, fuses and other electronic components in the SMT process. Thus, in addition to the current connection of the cells, these modules also provide a voltage tap for detecting the state of charge as well as for charge equalization of the individual cells. In the modules integrated protection against short circuits and sensors for monitoring the thermal load increase the safety of the system.

Copper OSP Metall Powders

Additive Manufacturing Materials

High IR Absorption Metall Powders 
Ultra Fine particle Size D50=10µm
High Flowability for stable processing in Laser sintering applications
Active Oxide Reduction for hig performance components


for surface cleaning and activation in sensitive electronics and optics manufacturing
– low plasma temperature
– without electrode ablation
– Pure plasma without electrical charge

This has long been known with the laser, now it is also applied to plasma. The technical basis is the so-called microwave plasma. The term plasma is used in physics to refer to a gas that consists partly or completely of free charge carriers, ie ions or electrons.

No direct emissions from clean plasma lasers
In the new development, the process gas is passed through a thin cannula, which also acts as an electrode, to the tip of the radiator. There, the plasma is then produced in bundled form.
The plasma laser is approximately the size of a ballpoint pen, the beam is about 1 to 2 cm long and has a diameter of 1 mm. In the production of the plasma is working with noble gases and normal ambient air, direct emissions do not arise.